Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen

Mittwoch, Dezember 2, 2015 - 17:00
5. Cancellara4ever Fanclub party - the film...

It was simply a great fanclub night. Fabian Cancellara's fans from near and far away joined the 5. cancellara4ever fanclub party in Worblaufen BE last saturday. 200 guests enjoyed a great evening for and with our champion Fabian Cancellara. It was a great evening with many surprises for all the guests and Fabian himselfe. Actual teammates Markel Irizar and Yaroslav Popovych joined the party - without saying a word to Fabian. The surprise was big, and they reported many stories about Fabian 'behind the scenes'. Filippo Pozzato was an other surprise guest for Fabian. With Pippo, Fabian started his carreer as professional rider in 2000 with the Mapei team. After a great interview round, all the guests could enjoy a tipical swiss fondue. 

The cancellara4ever fanclub surprised the guest with two show-acts. A swiss comedian Tony Graber brought the crowd to laugh a lot with his report about Fabian and cycling in different languages. Jesse Ritch, a swiss singer enriched the evening with 3 great songs from his actual and future albums. The night endet with the awards for the best swiss (winner Karin Aregger) and world (Fujiwara Tomoyuki and Sahara Seiichi from Japan) fans, the best eventlocation (Gasthof zum Weissen Kreuz, Gerlafingen) of the year. The Friendship-Award went to Markel Irizar (Trek Factory Racing) for his great work for his capitano at the last stage of Tour de France for Fabian after his crash.

Following this link, you'll find the offical fanclub evening video of the party...lay back and enjoy it once again:

It was simply a great evening with fans, friends, sponsors and special guests. A perfect evening where fans could be near to his champion Fabian Cancellara. 

Now we look forward to a great final season for our Fabian Cancellara and for sure: The Cancellara4ever Fanclub will be on his side all the time! 

Thanks again to all of you for beeing part of this AMAZING fanclub!